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Make-up Mania

Hi, Kids!

How are y’all? I take it all’s good? Good.

Anyways, as the title tells you, I’m manic (maniacal?) about make-up these days. Damn loshangness to infinity and hello, my inner pokpok! 😀

A friend introduced me to Everyday Minerals.. I’ve placed my first ever order, and I cant wait to receive my loot in two-weeks’ time. Anyways, just to satisfy my fix, I ran to Body Shop in DCC to pick up some stuff:

makeup mania 01

Kabuki Brush (which I got at 50% off, coz I also got this):

makeup mania 02

Nature’s Minerals Foundation, and this:

makeup mania 03

Mini Brush Set. Also,

makeup mania 04

Body Shop Lip in Cheek Tint

So, the moment we got home.. (segue kwento: J and I are a little pissed coz we wanted to have dinner and drinks at the Boardwalk in Hyatt Regency, which is very close to DCC. But since we met up at around 6PM, we thought it was still too early for dinner, so we decided to watch a movie first. Watchmen – fantabulous, if it wasnt TOO LONG!!!, and to top that, the movie started LATE. i dont get that with cinemas here in the UAE. often, the movies start late. just kills me, man. anyways, we got out of the cinema quarter to 11, we just decided to grab a bite in DCC, coz if we still go to Boardwalk, we might just be in time for the last order. We were so bummed coz we were kinda expecting to get drunk on wine and margaritas. Oh, well. So, were was I? ah.. so the moment we got home, I attacked my small shopping bag and started with the war paints. here’s want happened:

makeup mania 05

On my eyes:

makeup mania 06

lid: red earth trio contrast eyeshadow compact

makeup mania 07

brow bone and face shimmer: L’oreal Essential Colors Make-up Pallete

makeup mania 08

cheeks: Bourjois Blush – Ambre D’or (above)

lips: Body Shop Lip in Cheek Tint (unpictured)

Bottom Eyeline: Max Factor Kohl Pencil (unpictured)

Mascara: Clinique High-Impact Mascara (unpictured)

Ya like it? I do. 😀


Some more camwhoring!!!

makeup mania 09
makeup mania 10
makeup mania 11
makeup mania 12
makeup mania 13
makeup mania 14




Matapos kumarengkeng, ngayon gagawa na ako ng assignment.. dahil bukas sa class, ang walang assignment, ABSENT!!


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