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Random Thoughts while procrastinating

1. my tummy hurts. i love cheese and tomatoes on whole wheat bread in the morning but they murder ng stomach walls. and i dont like suppressing my gas. anyways, have you guys heard of this theory that when you dont let you gas escape from your bottom orifice, it has no other recourse but to escape from your upper orifice (meaning: mouth). i actually believed that shit for a while.

2. while waiting for my bus yesterday, an idea hit me. and it will hit you too. soon. 😀

3. i just finished ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. I intended to share with you guys my favorite excerpts, but im too lazy. anyways, i found out just now that their making it into a movie starring viggo mortensen (my favourite) and charlize theron, and its due for release this november. i hope the screenplay stays close to the book. its so beautifully tragic.

4. its just the middle of the month and im broke already. its not that im mismanaging my finances, there’s just a lot of things that have to be settled. entirely not my fault. like my driving class enrolment fees, my new shades (protection against the harmful sun. very important), and a fishing rod (to catch fish for ulam. also very important ).

5. Im proud to announce that as of three weeks ago, i am regularly taking the bus going home. thats dhs.17 savings compared to taking a cab everyday. i try to think of this fact to keep my depression at bay. with my trusty ipod and a good book, two hours just seem to fly by. (of course the fact that taking a cab will reduce my travel time to 30 minutes is a thought that just keeps popping up, but my strong will power is my friend).

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