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Last night I..

Last night I
Met a guy from Multiply.
Well, he’s not really from multiply
Or he’ll not be a guy

this guy I met from multiply
is not really shy.
He told me lotsa of stories
He even told me his love stories
Stories because there are many
And not all of them are happy.

He’s funny and he’s gay
Gay meaning homosexual or so he says
But I don’t believe this even for a bit
Not just because he wears a pink watch and shit.

He’s a born again Christian
I know because he’s got a tattoo that says ‘Born Again Christian’
If you ask me if its his religion or its just a name of a girl
I say it’s a pretty long name for a girl
So I think its his religion. Or a name of a rock band.

He’s got an easy laugh, it sounds like a hippopotamus giving birth
He said he goes to the gym to decrease his girth
He said he’s quitting smoking but still socially smokes
I said ‘you prolly been smoking the wrong kind of smoke’.

So he said a lot while I basically shut up
Coz I was busy devising a plan to take down his collar standing up.
But overall it was a nice night
I just wish we had a chance to steal something from the restaurant. Or the Apple store.
And it would have been a perfect night.

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