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i semi-caught a talk show this morning while i was doing my nails, where the topic was how the guests (mostly american moms) have managed to bankrupt their families for their unforgivable materialism. shopping all day, every damn day ang drama ng mga lola. since the subject is, like, so passe, i just went on coloring my nails bright red (which are now perfectly ruined by the damned gloves i wore in ski dubai. thats two hours of hard work wasted) while half listening to the nondescript blabber. i was on to my right pinky when i got a whiff of the the ‘expert’ saying: ‘you have equated your life with the things you own and the things you want to own’. and i thought, because im shallow and bored: what if my life was to be defined by my material possesions? how much would i be worth?

i have decided to walk back along memory lane and appraise the worldy possessions that my materialistic self prides itself upon. These are the things that represent various phases that sum up the entirety of my over two decades of existence. (Prices are approximated.)

1. my original but plain-clothed Barbie doll – dressed in a simple pink ensemble, my very first barbie doll was the only one i had. i wanted to kill my sister coz she got the one with the wedding dress. ahh, the days of murderous sibling rivalry. Price: more of less Php 200

2.my half calf leather boots – which i wore to school despite the brain-frying 34 degrees temp at the grounds of Silang West Elementary School. it was fashionable back in the days, and damn if the primafashionista will be left out. Price: MOL Php 300

3. my Kickers shoes – which were the most coveted brand of shoes in Cavite Institute nung highschool ako. the screaming red and green tags were worn with a hint of pride by an elite group of kids who can afford the Php 1500-a-pair footwear, which, looking back, were totally, undescribably tacky. but, hey, we were in highschool, and what did we know? Price: Php 1500

4. my first cellphone – a Nokia, the exact model i cant remember. the one that looks like a 5110, but with 2 additional buttons. maraming nabuong relasyon dahil sa teleponong iyon. Price:Php 3500

5. my first laptop, a humongous COMPAQ – which served a mighty purpose for my thesis. and other learning experiences that come with growing up and discovering things (read: porn) Price: Php 50,000

6. my first car, a 2005 mitsubishi lancer – which boldly took me where no man has ever gone before. wahehehehe. it also took me to my old elementary school where i used to pick up my two youngest sibs and to the local mall where i dutifully take my mom every single day. Price: roughly Php 800,000

7. my red luggage – with which i took all my worldly possessions to Dubai where I am now. Price: Php 2000

8. my current phone and my current laptop – a nokia N80 and another COMPAQ – without which i will probably still be unemployed or have flown back to the republik of the pinas. Price: phone – Php 13000, laptop – Php 80 k

9. my Prada sunglasses – kasi wala lang, i love it. AED 900 / Php 9000 (discounted price)

TOTAL: Aproximately Php 959,500

whoa. mura lang pala ako, wala pang isang milyon. hehe.

buti na lang, in all corniness and truthfulness, tama si talk show ‘expert’. you are not defined by the material things you own. or else we will all just be equal to a dime in a piggy bank the size of the entire planet. if thats the case, what a horribly cheap place this Earth must be.

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