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Today we say our goodbyes…

.. to a wonderful soul who was lost, but was later on been found. she was never the one to fall in love with at first sight, and many of us are guilty of ignoring her for a significant amount of time. until that one fateful day, when she touched you, and made you remember her in a way that you can never remember anyone else as much.

she moved with the moves of a fool most of the time, but it is with great irony that she had built all of her relationships based on the innate wisdom within her. most of us had once confided in her, and despite her seemingly callous words, she bravely wielded her sword at anyone who have come to conquer us. she had created friendships with bonds stronger than that of a good family, and she uncompromisingly defended her own with the vigour of a wounded soldier.

trust has always been her weakest point, yet at the face of the biggest trial of my life, when nobody else would, i found her by my side, striving to give me the trust that i so badly needed. nobody could ever crucify her for the doubts she ever had, the world has owed her that much. but during the toughest times when it mattered the most, she had always been there to urge us on.

when she demanded that i deliver her eulogy, she threatened me against being so dramatic and to just give you all a tongue-in-cheek account of our friendship. she’s never the one to crave a ‘hero’ status. she just wanted to be happy, and wanted to get everybody else aboard her happy train. when she realised her happy train cannot accomodate everybody, she started constructing one that will fit everyone. she might not have succeeded, but she told me she’s happy to die trying.

she loved the arts, and if there was one regret that she carried in her heart, that was all the art that she will not be able to experience once she’s gone. beauty has always been her forte. she saw beauty in almost anything, and where she couldnt see, she created it. candid and feeling, she allowed herself to be lost in a stream where beauty and reality were the dominant elements.

and she loved. with all her heart, all her being and all that she possessed. she gave her all to this short and beautiful life, and she has gone not with a single ounce of remorse. she told me to tell all of you to remember her while she rests, as she gathers her strength that will let her carry on building the happy train that can carry us all.

Grace, you will truly be missed.

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