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P.A.M.P.A.M. word of the day – LUGUBRIOUS

Im supposed to be knowledgeable of the English language because of my line of work, but truth be told, i just happen to know some nice, long words.. and.. well, that’s pretty much it. So…

Im introducing a new thing here in my site to help us enhance our somewhat beleaguered vocabs. Presenting… (drumroll please)

P.A.M.P.A.M. (Pretty girls’ Alternative Means to snag Preposterously Attractive Men)

I’ll be listing some ‘new’ (or ‘forgotten’) words, which when used at the right time at the right place in front of a really hot person, might just do the trick. Or not. 😀

I will also try to provide examples to help us use the word in a more natural manner. I would like to ask you guys to use the word in your own sentence, because Im such a geek and I think it’s fun.

So, lets start. Today’s word is LUGUBRIOUS.


mournful, dismal, or gloomy, esp. in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner

Impractical usage (Meaning a sentence that is pretty hard to insert to a normal everyday conversation):

“My favourite poet is Pablo Neruda. His lugubrious poems of love and despair deeply move me.”

Practical usage (Meaning something that you can basically say to the homeless person outside):

“My gawd! I’m super stressed with work and everything, tapos my boss pa is such an ass! Hayy… sabagay you cant blame the guy.. kaw ba naman ang mawalan ng buhok in your late 20’s kung hindi maging lugubrious ang outlook mo sa buhay.”

O, ano game na? 😀

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