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what is something green…

that turns red and goes ’round and ’round?

answer: a frog in a blender. you can modify the joke according to your preferred amphibian, rodent, or race, if you wanna be racist about it.

i saw a lot of frogs today. not in a blender though. we went to the Arabia’s Wildlife Centre, a sweet little gem of a place BFE (beyond fucking egypt). I swear i thought we left the UAE, but we were actually still in Sharjah – Interchange 9. Entrance fee: AED 15/pax. Taxi Fare: AED 110. Yes, its that far.

wildlife centre 001

i also saw the fox family: mama fox, papa fox, baby watches.

no cameras allowed inside so i dont have proof that they’re fox-ing. guess you just have to take my word for it.

i also did an illegal photoshoot with my willing model.. which turned out pretty nice.

wildlife centre 002

wildlife centre 003

wildlife centre 004

I also saw the prettiest door in Sharjah. I took a photo of it:

wildlife centre 005

Now that’s how doors should look like. 😀

I also had a close encounter with an arabian leopard. and I have proof (Will upload it tomorrow. Check out the videos, ayt?)

So, that’s how the cookie crumbled. Will update yah on our next pseudo-cultural adventure, hopefully a little closer but as interesting as this one.

– Nokia N80 2 megapixel camera phone

(pagaya lang kay master Dana)


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