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P.A.M.P.A.M. word of the day – ESOTERIC

understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite

Good morning kids!

Our P.A.M.P.A.M. word for the day is ESOTERIC.

I got wind of this word again the other night when i watched my downloaded Family Guy eps. Gosh, I miss the Griffins. If it weren’t too gross i’ll pray that I get impregnated with Brian’s child. Imagine how smart and pretty and sarcastic that kid will be. Perfect. Sad though, coz beastiality never really was my thing. 😀

Impractical use:

“There’s life apart from the transdiciplinary study of Rosicrucianism, man. This little esoteric diversion of yours renders you a social imbecile.”

Practical use:

“Ang kaisipan ng babae kapag may regla ay esoteric in nature.”

Kayo naman! 😀

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