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Types of People I Don’t Really Dig

I’m sick and that’s my excuse.

1. People Who Say They’re Fat When They’re With Their Fat Friends

– Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean that we dont die a little inside everytime you say you’re fat and we – your fat friends – are the only ones beside you to say the obligatory: ‘no, kung ikaw payat, ano pa kaya ako, butanding??‘. I mean, the first 4367 times we can let slide, but anything more than that, please go on a diet, grow some tact, or join me in my party.

2. Taxi Drivers Who Throw Tantrums When They Don’t Take a Liking to Your Area of Destination

– Man, if you dont want to take me, then fucking DON’T! You are not the only stinkin’ public transport person in Dubai. Just dont make me feel like youre fucking doing me a favor because i can pay you for your trouble.

3. Sanctimonious People Who Speak of Nothing But Lord Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, Joseph and the Rest of the Last Supper Guys, Trying to Interject Them in Any Conversation No Matter How Disconnected From The  Topic They Are

– Fifty bucks says God is getting pretty sick of it (or you) too. Cut.It.Out.

4. People Who Exaggerate Reactions Thinking that Their Exaggerated Reactions Will Have a More Significant Impact to the Person Who Did Something Terribly Mundane and Unaffecting

– You’ll be surprised. Sometimes, a person does things that may seem to be magnanimously directed towards you, but in truth is just a purely selfish act that is meant to draw in praise from unsuspecting and gullible people like yourself. You’ll be surprised at how this person thinks youre one narcissistic bitch for thinking that the world revolves around you and you alone.

5. People Posting How Heartbroken They Are Over a BreakUp Gone Bad And Says They’re Meaning To Get Over The Hurt By Posting Old Photos of The Exes and Songs They Liked and Basically Letting Everyone Know They’re Drowning in Tears

– Magpainom ka na lang, mas matutuwa pa ako sayo, bwakananginaka.

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Random Thoughts while in a state of lethargy

1. Havent blogged in ages. Not that I dont have anything to write (read: rant) about, or that I haven’t tried. There are actually three unfinished blog entries sitting at my drafts folder as of now. All waiting to be confronted with the will power to stay focused and not get distracted by other unimportant stuff (read: work and chatting). Im tempted to say that i dont have the time, but truth be told, Im just being my lazy-ass self. Which I hate, by the way. Inspiration is striking me everywhere I go, but the catch is that if I dont act upon then at the very instant they hit me, I might as well kiss them bye-bye. True, they may not be brilliant ideas (though they seem to be at the moment they are conjured in my head), but the fact that I know I had them, then by the time that I get the chance to work ‘it’ up, its just gone.. like a blob of mud that dropped straight to a puddle in the floor of my head – unidentifiable and, well, lost, is the most frustrating of feelings. Trying to remember a good idea thats forgotten is like trying to recapture a perfect self portrait in an airplane water closet: impossible.

2. I was absent from work yesterday. Didn’t take a shower, totally pigged out on junk, watched a ton of TV, and still was not able to write something intelligible. or write anything, for that matter. arghhh…

3. My vacation plans this September has been postponed to November. Im trying to console myself with the fact that I wont be missing the month-long half-day work hours during Ramadan, and the long weekend after that, but honestly, I feel really bad. When I called my Mama, i can tell with her voice that she’s really disappointed. Oh, well.. at least this way I will get to realise my New Year’s resolution, which is not to resign from work until December.

**The cause of the delay shall remain undisclosed coz im not comfortable talking money matters publicly. Haha. Damn money and all the evil it brings. 😦

4. Im looking forward to the Gang Bang Shoot tomorrow. I’m gonna bring the Sigma wide-angle lens J stole from his office so I can practice my manual shooting skills (because iSuck). Finding the place should be easy, since its close to our place. If i get lost, I can always go back home and pester J into finding it in Wikimapia/Googlemaps (he sooooo love that thing).

5. I dont like this person, so I try my best to just ignore it. However, everywhere I look, it just manages to pop its bloated head up with all its sanctimonious two-cents and narcissistic questions and other irritating what nots that really make me wanna make it sopla and bara and tell it how panget it is. I’m mean, no? since it hasn’t done anything to me. I dont like this feeling, its like giving the person undue interest, through its so not worth it. My God, its depleting my aura. I really need to rejuvenate.

A bunch of Thank you’s and a Fuck you (A birthday blog)

I’m still fuming over the blog I wrote yesterday that got thrashed straight to cyberjunkyard. I know, it ain’t anybody’s doing. I’m not passing blame on anyone. I said anyone — not anything. So I blame the INTERNET. Right. It’s the INTERNET’s fault and it’s with great irony that you are reading this through your access to an INTERNET connection. But life is full of ironies, and we all just have to suck it up.

That’s the Fuck you.

Now that that’s over and done with, I wanna move on to something more pleasant.

Stripped of all the realisation horseshit and an attempt to review the melodrama that was last year (coz we do that on New Year’s, hello), there’s really nothing else to say on a birthday other than to send out a bunch of thank you’s to the nice people who stuck with you despite of you being you. newfound friends and old friends who didn’t forget are also worthy of gratitude, and I offer my sincerest Merci and most virginal smile to all of you, with hopes that you get laid more often than you’re getting now (except for Rj and Bert, coz quite frankly, eight a day already transcends the allowable human limit).

Specifically, I wanna give a big bear hug to my fambizzam. We’re not really big on birthdays but I know they all secretly wished me a happy birthday and imagined giving me a VW Beetle convertible. So when I come home next month – our out-of-town plans, the Xbox 360, the LV Speedy, the iPhone and the new laptop – all of them will be imagined with no reservations by all of us. Yes, i will be there to share this joyful moment. There might be some tears and loving jeers involved, but i am all for it.

Being 24 years old, I can say that i am old enough to know better…

but young still to do otherwise.

I’m here in the desert, living my life with only the slightest hint of remorse, which is based on the enormous amount of blessings that come my way that i feel so unworthy sometimes. I am not at all perfect – i must admit that I’ve done some pussyshit things – but when push comes to shove, i always find myself saved by the fucking ambulance siren. And tell me, how close from disaster can you be than that??

Though i am living a bajillion miles away from my parents, my level of independence remains a debatable issue. For those who know me, I am with a person who deserves a fucking Nobel prize for patience. For those who know him, please dont shoot him in the head. He’s a martyr and he enjoys it. I am merely feeding off his need to serve others.

Needless to say (but saying it anyways), another Big BIG BIG thank you goes to this person. Equating your magnanimity with words is simply doing you injustice. I can say the world needs more people like you. With hotter buns (not to say your buns aren’t hot. variation is what ima saying).

I’m in love with you.

And I am inlove with my life.

This birthday isn’t like anything I had. It felt like Christmas when I was still a kid. Actually, though another year older (and at the risk of using a lameass metaphor), I feel like a kid looking forward to ripping off a wrapped present under the old plastic Yuletide tree that is my life ahead. I have enough old friends, I am finding a lot of new ones, my family is a bunch of retards who love me dearly, I am loved and am in love.

Plus, I got Doobi.



I finished writing a nice birthday blog.

It was pretty,

it was bitchy.

Im sure you would have loved it.


when i hit the damn post button, that’s when the entire fucking thing went haywire.

I lost every damn word.

and i screamed at J for telling me to just write it again.

Which as all ‘writers’ know

is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im so pissed right now.

Im just gonna eat my salad.


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I hold in my hands…

… the last of the Nikon D40s in the UAE… and possibly the entire world.

And I feel truly elated.

sinuyod namen ang kalakhan ng Deira para mahanap ang mailap na lahing ito ng malupit na kamera.

and it was all worth it.

Ladies and gentlemen… may I present to you…


doobi 01

Ang pangalan ni Doobi ay nag-ugat sa ngalan ng lugar na kinaroroonan ko ngayon at pagiging adik ko. Yun lang, walang deeper meaning.

Si Doobi ay isang part ng aking week-long birthday celeb (blog just around the corner), na nagculminate sa napakasarap na Japanese dinner sa Sho Cho, at syempre sa aking unang paghipo sa aking pinakabagong friend.

Salamat kay Jay. Mahal kita, alam mo yan.

Let the addiction begin! 😀

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