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Types of People I Don’t Really Dig

I’m sick and that’s my excuse.

1. People Who Say They’re Fat When They’re With Their Fat Friends

– Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean that we dont die a little inside everytime you say you’re fat and we – your fat friends – are the only ones beside you to say the obligatory: ‘no, kung ikaw payat, ano pa kaya ako, butanding??‘. I mean, the first 4367 times we can let slide, but anything more than that, please go on a diet, grow some tact, or join me in my party.

2. Taxi Drivers Who Throw Tantrums When They Don’t Take a Liking to Your Area of Destination

– Man, if you dont want to take me, then fucking DON’T! You are not the only stinkin’ public transport person in Dubai. Just dont make me feel like youre fucking doing me a favor because i can pay you for your trouble.

3. Sanctimonious People Who Speak of Nothing But Lord Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, Joseph and the Rest of the Last Supper Guys, Trying to Interject Them in Any Conversation No Matter How Disconnected From The  Topic They Are

– Fifty bucks says God is getting pretty sick of it (or you) too. Cut.It.Out.

4. People Who Exaggerate Reactions Thinking that Their Exaggerated Reactions Will Have a More Significant Impact to the Person Who Did Something Terribly Mundane and Unaffecting

– You’ll be surprised. Sometimes, a person does things that may seem to be magnanimously directed towards you, but in truth is just a purely selfish act that is meant to draw in praise from unsuspecting and gullible people like yourself. You’ll be surprised at how this person thinks youre one narcissistic bitch for thinking that the world revolves around you and you alone.

5. People Posting How Heartbroken They Are Over a BreakUp Gone Bad And Says They’re Meaning To Get Over The Hurt By Posting Old Photos of The Exes and Songs They Liked and Basically Letting Everyone Know They’re Drowning in Tears

– Magpainom ka na lang, mas matutuwa pa ako sayo, bwakananginaka.

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