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Random Thoughts while counting down the final 10 minutes to liberation

Yay, I’m back random thinking!

Less work (recession in action? hope not!) so more time to Multiply. Successfully PPed two sets from my Pinas Vacay ’08 series today! Actually, came 30 minutes late today, so i hafta wait it out (Oplan Iwas Memo) hehe.

1. So what’s up with me. I’m hella broke, thats what. No salary for this month, coz as you all know, I went on vacay so I advanced my salary for November. So, yeah, Im living on the dried fish (all kinds, i tell ya), which my mom packed for me. I think im growing scales already. Also, J’s alms.

2. I know what I’ll do when I finally get sick of the UAE and decide to go home. Kung ano, sikreto na lang muna. 😀

3. With Christmas just around the corner, Im dreading how I’m still gonna be broke and will not be able to ride the coolest ride ever in Global City. Yung parang tirador na may higanteng laste tas hihigitin to its breaking point tas papakawalan. Gets? Last Christmas hindi kame sumakay dun kasi… ang mahal! AED 60 ang isa! haayyy… Anybody wanna buy tuyo? 😀

4. As I was surfing this morning, I chanced upon articles about this Tricia Borres girl from the Ateneo who lambasted the Aeta community she visited for an immersion, prolly as required by her college. I was miffed, but not at all surprised. Unbelievably dense people do exist, and most of them underservingly enjoy a life of luxury. God help her, but Im feeling sorrier for her parents who have successfully raised a little monster.

5. J’s got me running shoes! Pic of it (and me hard at training) soon! This is no easy feat, I tell ya!

All for now. Gotta go pee.

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