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We all know how its powerful and other romantic szhizz like that, and sometimes the whole idea just seems overrated, in the same manner that silence sometimes gets. I get the feeling that im being drowned in the blah-blah-blahs of my work, my boss and colleagues, acquiantances, and even of those whom I have chanced upon in my long busrides going home. Lately, the constant stream of phonetic dissonance becomes too unbearable for me that I turn the volume of my iPod to eardrum-shattering levels, like fighting fire with fire.

What I dont get, actually, are people saying a lot of unnecessary things. These are the kinds who really, for the life of them, cannot shut up. Like my boss for example. You know how the moment before we speak, we take a moment to gather our thoughts so as not to talk rubbish and make a complete fool of ourselves. This moment is normally spent in silence to give way for better concentration and… well… really gather our thoughts and not make a complete fool of ourselves. But my boss who never shuts up is like a bird on crack who never quits chirping random connective adjectives and articles (which I found out once I actually willed myself to listen to his babbling does not mean shit) before actually saying that thought he gathered so as not to make a fool of himself, which actually defeated the purpose coz all his string of collective adjectives and articles have already made him so. More than him looking so lame, im pissed coz he so fucking irritates me.

I understand people who strike up a conversation with other people in the most commomplace spaces. Public transport, for example. I also get how you can share where you’re from in the Philippines, where you’re actually born, where your lineage started, how your mom is a distant relative of your dad, and how your other cousins are marrying your other distant cousins. Coz those are mildly interesting, if not a bit grotesque topics, and I get that. What I dont get is the oversharing of livid details of how you take the bus from point A to point B, sitting on your ass for 2 hours, how your salary is never enough, how you miss tuyo (which is like duh coz there is tuyo in De Belchoir, hello), how you hate the bus and the pana’s and the patan’s. Sitting on my ass for two hours in a smelly bus, the last thing i need, really, is a rundown of how my own life is (minus the tuyo bit). Fucking boring.

So last night, I took a cab. A cab, after so long! I never thought I’ll actually miss riding these deathboxes! It was only when I looked at the meter that I realised why I dont take the taxi anymore. Anyways, last night, I hopped in with the sweetest driver I have ever met in Dubai. Love was practically oozing out of his hairy ears. He sung to his wife on the phone, and told us how he loves his wife and how he adores her deep, dark eyes. Now, these are the kind of words that I love to hear without the person saying it knowing that I can hear him say it. What? Im a girl! and I dig that sort of sweet crazy shit.

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