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Lippy Lips and other Makeup Things

Ahhh.. Friday = bliss.

Woke up at 12 noon, after movie night (Gran Torino) and my weekly its-thursday-so-its-mandatory-that-i-down-a-few-beers-although-not-necessarily-half-the-effin-case-but-im-not-saying-thats-not-what-happened thing. Had breakfast of leftover pasta from Coco’s last night and tamis-anghang spaghetti courtesy of our flatmates. And then slept some more, then went online to talk to me mum and sibs:
lips 01
and then slept some more.

Then, I remembered. Holy guacamole, i bought something last night!

lips 02

a magic golden box…

lips 03

…wit colourful makeup things!

lips 04

the lowdown:

25 shades eye color
10 shades lip colour
4 shades lipstick
3 lipgloss
1 crimson lip liner
1 black eye liner pencil
1 black mascara
1 black liquid eye liner
3 colours cream eye
4 shades blush
4 colours nail enamel
4 colours body glitter
1 not so good blush brush
4 eye shadow applicators
1 pretty ok blending brush

Time to Testing-testing!!!

so, I was too tamad to wash me face so I just decided to do my lips.

Lippy Lips, Beybeh!!


lips 05

Zebra-inspired: for when you pretend you’ve just eaten one.

lips 06


Rainbow Lips!

I think im gonna do this one for tomorrow when I shoot my pretty officemate Heba. Will tell you about that next time.

For instructions on both exercises, go to You Tube, you lazyasses!

Thats all for this evening, good night and dont let the bed bugs bite (whatever the hell that means. coz really who are these bugs, and what business do they have biting me and how can I not let them bite when Im asleep? So what do you expect me to do, just stand guard all night against the effin bed bugs??

Thats the much too much coke I had tonight talking. (I wish, but thats just Coca Cola, you substance abusers.)

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