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On the whole Chip Tsao fiasco:

Nakakabanas na ang pagka-OA, pagka-narrow-minded, pagka-sensitive at pagka-tanga ng ibang Pinoy.

There is no need to discuss the literal words used in the thing because it’s satire, ergo a statement blown out of proportions to be humorous so please stop na that ‘what’s wrong with being a nation of servants’ thing because its dumb. The title of the guy’s column explains it all: Politically Incorrect. Its too painful to point that glaring bottomline out, but there, I did it. And if you don’t agree the article’s satire, don’t even bother stating your opinion coz you’re so stupid you wont even recognise satire if it bitchslaps you in your fucking gonads. If so, there’s only one thing left for you to do: go home and plant kamote!

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