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Free Makeover!!!

Hi Girlfriends,

If you haven’t noticed, I, since late, have taken an interest to makeup, which unfortunately I usually only get to do during shoots. That’s coz I’d rather sleep another 30 minutes or more than wake up early to put on something. Hehe. Thing is, I wanna practice some more to improve my techniques, and I’m getting tired of practicing on myself.

That being said, I want to invite you guys to a free make-over session at my place on Saturday (May 16). If you wanna have nice make up (creative, glamour, or just a regular day or night wear) done to you, please message me here for directions and schedule (I hafta do this coz my place is a bit small).

No need to bring make-up, coz since I’ve been building my kit, hopefully I have the stuff that we will be needing. You can bring your own facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer coz you might be sensitive and can only use a certain brand. If not, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub (Invigorating), Pond’s make-up remover, and Olay White Cream and I will be happy to give you a generous dollop.

You can also bring a photo of a look that you want to copy (if there’s any), and I’ll try my best to do it for you. If not, I’m sure we can think of something!

So, please do come. This is free for all (even if we just see each other in Multiply or Facebook, don’t be shy!) and totally free of charge since this is just practice for me (don’t worry, I wont make you look like espasol – if you know what I mean, haha. You can check out my portrait photos, coz I did all the make up there). But if you wanna bring food, I really can’t stop you, can I?

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