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Coastal Scents Swatches

Hello kids!

As promised, here are the swatches of my Coastal Scents palettes.
They are gorgeous, as I predicted. 🙂

88 Coastal Scents Palette

swatches 01

swatches 02

swatches 03

swatches 04
more greens, with teal

swatches 05

swatches 06
more blues, with violets

swatches 07

swatches 08

swatches 09
pinks and violets

swatches 10

swatches 11
grays, silvers and black

88 Coastal Scents Shimmer Palette

(I did not swatch the entire thing anymore since all the colours are the same as the original palette. I did some though to show you how ultra-shimmering it really is.)

swatches 12


swatches 13

Believe me when I say, the swatches did not do my new babies the slightest bit of justice. In addition to them being pigmented like a brother (oooppss), they are a darling to blend. Still not convinced? drop by my place for a free dip. 🙂


Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette

swatches 14


Coastal Scents Concealer Palette
… love this!

swatches 15


I also swatched the 4 Smacks lipglosses, along with the Mykyajy ones that I had from before:

swatches 16

swatches 17
Sheer Tan

swatches 18

swatches 19

… Now, the Mykyajy stuff

swatches 20
swatches 21
swatches 22

Both Smacks and Mykyajy has the same consistency — not too sticky, which is how I like my lipgloss. However, they dont give the same shine and staying power as Lancome Juicy Tubes, which is what I use (no swatch, sorry. just take my word for it. hehe.).


LUSH Update:

Im almost done with ‘Sultana of Soap’, and its taking so much not to run to City Centre disguised as a LUSH sales staff and hack off a good 5 kilos of that stuff from the big block sitting in the middle of the store. Jay, however, liked ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ better. I think its kind of too sweet-smelling. Well, he always liked sweet anyways. How’d you reckon he likes me that much? Hihi.


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