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Random Thoughts after so long

I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last night, and inasmuch as it made me laugh (or how bad Barney Stinson had me in stitches), it has also set a flood of sentiment to motion to a level much like as if somebody opened the Panama Canal after the perfect storm went down on the other side. I was suddenly left wanting for the company of people whom I’ve known long enough to understand how I sometimes read their personal text messages, or my compulsion to leave half empty beer bottles in the bathroom sink. After a long swig of my trusty Red Horse, I longingly wished for old friends to have a few with after a long, boring day.



1 etisalat
3 orbit
4 salik

I miss green, cheesy, emo forwarded text messages from my green, cheesy, emo friends.


I’m not one to miss easily. But when I miss something/someone it gets pretty unbearable that while driving I will have to pull over to calm down, else there’d be roadkill, and I won’t be able to answer for the lives/limbs I might take down.

Not many people know that I have a strong sense of smell, and this is one of my senses that is mightily affected when I have that, uhh, longing feeling. I crave for the smell of the something/someone, to the point that I can actually draw and colour it on paper. I can assign it a distinct pattern, which later on I will recognise in the most nondescript places (usually on marble floors of lifts). I dream about them, and I see them floating lazily in my cornea. I might as well be the Jackson Pollock of odour.


So, I have changed my mind about my plans to be a wedding planner. Well, I haven’t actually trashed the idea. It’s still there, lined up in the horribly long que of Things I Have To Do Before I Get A Coronary. (That’s right. I’m certain I will die of a heart attack. My gut just tells me it is so.) And boy, the kids in the line are getting agitated by the minute. And I think a candy bar wont be able to fix things this time.


My sister will be landing in Dubai in 48 hours. I pray to God she gets here safe. I also pray that the person who almost killed my nostrils by carrying fish in the lift this morning stinks of all kinds of mashed up rotten seafood and that no amount of deodorant and perfume will ever make a difference.

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