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One night, I was surfing porn blogs of hot guys, when someone so rudely interrupted my dirty literary fantasies. This ensues:

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mcutesy: ikaw ba yan? ha? bitch? akin sya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sassy_sinner_saint: uhhh

sassy_sinner_saint: sino ka?

mcutesy: maang maangan ka pa… akin sya, tigilan mo sya!!!!!

sassy_sinner_saint: ahh ok

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

sassy_sinner_saint: pano kung ayaw na sya sayo?

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: kasalanan mo, bitch ka talaga putaka

sassy_sinner_saint: kasalanan ko?

sassy_sinner_saint: pano ko naging kasalanan?

sassy_sinner_saint: na ayaw na nya sayo?

mcutesy: humanda ka

sassy_sinner_saint: come to think of it, parang ikaw ang may problema, not me honey

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: honey ka diyan, humanda ka sa aken

sassy_sinner_saint: im mortified, petrified, stupefied by you.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

sassy_sinner_saint: sino ba sa kanila ang boyfriend mo? mejo nalilito ako e.

mcutesy: kita mo na, puta ka talaga, may iba ka pa kinakalantari mo pa yan

sassy_sinner_saint: can’t help it hun. sila ang lumalapit.

sassy_sinner_saint: hulaan ko.

sassy_sinner_saint: hmmm…

sassy_sinner_saint: si adrian? (blogger im stalking reading)

sassy_sinner_saint: or si dj? (blogger friend)

sassy_sinner_saint: or si richard? (Quest. I was watching CNN. What?)

sassy_sinner_saint: ?

mcutesy: haha kilala na kita.at alam ku wat you did… kaya pal a

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

sassy_sinner_saint: what did i do now?

sassy_sinner_saint: sino ba kasi yung boyfriend mo?

mcutesy: kinati puke mo kaya ka naghanap nang iba.. kawawang pobre haha at yung sa akin naman balak mo asuwangin? ha??

sassy_sinner_saint: woah woah

sassy_sinner_saint: harsh words

sassy_sinner_saint: its not me who’s kinakati

sassy_sinner_saint: if that is even a word.

sassy_sinner_saint: like i told you, they come to me.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: uu nga, yung come nila gusto mo haha

sassy_sinner_saint: clever. ha. ha.

sassy_sinner_saint: you know, i can really use some help here.

sassy_sinner_saint: if you tell me who he is, i can tell you all the delicious details.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: tigilan mo si XXX, akin sya! bayot!

sassy_sinner_saint: ahhhhh

sassy_sinner_saint: si XXX pala.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

sassy_sinner_saint: hmmm.. lemme think about it… ok. sige sayo na lang sya! πŸ™‚

sassy_sinner_saint: we’ve had some fun. but we’re over now.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: siguromaliit titi ng boyfrend mo kaya mo dinispacha

mcutesy: haha

sassy_sinner_saint: on the contrary, i’ve had enough of big dicks. mas type ko na ngayon ang cocktail-size.

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚

mcutesy: haha sige pa, makakarating sa kanya, alam ko na rin email ad nya haha

sassy_sinner_saint: go ahead, tell him. we didnt break up because im a good girl now, did we?

mcutesy: haha dyan ka na bayot! haha

sassy_sinner_saint: ok! toodles!

sassy_sinner_saint: πŸ™‚


just when I was starting to see promise in the conversation. tsk. this could have been the highlight of my evening. now, that honour goes to my 5-minute bout with the gazillion-caloried maja blanca. I won.

oh. of course, i dont know this chick, and I have no fucking clue who the fuck is XXX.

so now, dont be surprised if a Facebook page of me with insensitive status messages and unflaterring photos surfaces. (Feelingera ako! Sino ba ako, si Jacque Bermejo??)

Nyahaha. People.

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