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Chapter 1

She stubbed her half-smoked cigaretter to its premature death, thinking how in the hell did she end up in a bar in the middle of the afternoon, finishing her third round of gin tonic. Two packs worth of Marlboro Reds butts lay murdered in the ashtray sitting beside a bowl of mixed nuts in the counter. Boy, her lungs must have taken a beating and been screaming at her all the bloody while she was sitting there at the bar, in the middle of the afternoon, idly waiting for something — or someone, as it later turned out.

His stride seemed to cover two tables at a time, making him seem like a video on fast forward, aggressively moving towards the empty stool beside hers. It was his baritone voice that she noticed first, even before the words “have you been here long” sunk into her.

“No,” she lazily replied.

They met at a bar not far from the one they are in now some seven months ago, both lonely and eager to talk to somebody — anybody who will listen to their little sob stories about their sad little lives. Although he is not bad-looking at all, he felt a tinge of pity for her. For the loneliness that seems to seep through the holes of her face, with fervent concentration on her eyes, all amidst a terrifyingly beautiful face. She’s a looker alright — and we if are to believe that pretty girls dont get it tough, this particular one easily debunks that notion.

“I’m just early. I heard in the telly that its gonna rain in the afternoon, and I’m going out just the same so I dont see why I have to get wet in the process.”

“If that is not the sort of thing an unbearably lonely soul would say, I dont know what the hell is,” he thought.

They exchanged a couple of polite kisses on the cheek, then proceeded to an empty booth at the end of the hall. She ordered another gin tonic, and he got a cheeseburger and a pint of lager. “Haven’t had lunch yet, work got it the way,” he said.

She gave a kurt nod and finished her drink in one gulp.

“How did I end-up sharing a drink with this mediocre-looking bloke whose transparent eagerness could only be a telltale sign of deep and uncomplicated loneliness? More so, how did we fall in love that moment seven months ago only to come to this afternoon, at a bar not far from where we first met, with a pact to end it all tonight?”, were her thoughts, which reminded her, they have to pick up the gun.

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