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i am beautiful

November 24, 2007 Leave a comment

i appreciate beauty of any kind. natural or man-made, the fact that beauty has reached its present state of aesthetic zenith dislodges all else that made it be. its past and future only adds to its present being. some may disagree, but i believe that beauty, stripped of all sentimentalities and subjectivity, is just what it is. In its creation, the creator must have done something right, which has more weight than all other elements involved.
in this horribly chaotic world, beauty is the one thing that snatches us from the depths of nothingness, which we humans tend to dive into a lot nowadays back to whatever mundane little life we live.
its so fucking stupid when some say that¬† somebody or something’s beauty has faded. its just so fucking wrong. beauty is not skin deep and doesn’t fade like some fool had once said. its man’s memory that ceases to function when he concludes that beauty has died. beauty is immortal, and if anything achieves it, it is immortalised, etched in the stars, and nothing can ever change that.
suppose a really beautiful woman or man grows wrinkles and flabs all over, her or his beauty is not dead. those who no longer recognise the beauty underneath, they are dead. for how can one stipulate that something beyond the reach of mortal comprehension has died, unless they have seen the horrible enclaves of hell? beauty is divine. and, no it cannot be defined, it cannot be conquered and definitely cannot be slaughtered.
yes, i am beautiful. you are too. just stop being too self absorbed to realise it.

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