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Great Expectations

Many have beaten me to saying this: Expect nothing, as with expectations only one of two things will happen: tremendous amount of satisfaction that only lasts a moment (man being insatiable and all) or gut twisting disappointment that can ruin relationships that has been built too long for anyone to even bother to count the years. It has been told to too many lovers yet again let down by their beloved, or mothers lamenting over sons who never give back, or God Himself, with man and all the worldliness, and porn, and WMDs.

Some have beaten me to saying this: To expect is part of human nature. You cannot just hurriedly snap your pretty manicured nails, and just turn your brain around and magically just not expect something that you, honest-to-goodnessly think, is due you. A cutesy doctor on TV said with regard to his father who has given him much disappointment: “You just stop caring, and it will stop hurting”. However, the one moment that your heart missed a beat, then slowly hum-dum-humed as you calmly steady your breathing, and then quietly fix on a false smile, that is still, undeniably, a moment of bitter disappointment. The truth is, you can only learn to get out of it hastily, as some so belligerently embrace it as an excuse for a spectacular pity party starring themselves, depending on what suits your personality and your budget on Prozac. BUT YOU CAN NEVER SKIP THE WHOLE SORRY PROCESS OF IT. You might get used to the punch that eventually it will just feel like a small pinch, but it will not go away, ever.

So, is a mother wrong in expecting her son to take care of her when she’s ill and dying? Is a lover not allowed to walk out on a beloved who has cast a big cloud of doubt regarding security or faithfulness? Will God condemn us for worldliness, porn, and WMDs? The society dictates the norm, which, in the first 2 cases, means that whatever your friends and family tell you might be the right thing to do. If you ask me, I’m just gonna tell you to trust your gut. Since expectations and disappointments are like universal truths (meaning, shit that we just have to take), SOME CHAP YOU DON’T KNOW WILL PROBABLY GIVE IT TO YOU JUST THE SAME, IF YOU DON’T TAKE IT FROM SOMEBODY THAT MATTERS TO YOU. True, it might hurt more, but if that person gives a rat’s ass about you, maybe s/he will try and try hard to make it up to you. And that will be suu-weet.

Or maybe, your disappointment of a son, lover, or man would even end up being a New York stockbroker and earn millions like Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness. Suu-weeter. Nobody has beaten me to saying this. Really, I Googled it.