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So, I decided I’ve had enough sadness for now, and its time to try to be a bit merry for a change.


So, amid all the hulabaloo, I forgot to mention that I now have, in my possesion, my very own homemade ringlight!

As I was already planning to get one for myself, I called my good photography buddy Ivy with queries regarding specs and to ask where I can source the materials. As luck would have it, it turned out that spatial constraints has had her looking for a new home for her ringlight, or else she might have to take it apart. We arrived at a very hmm.. reasonable agreement, and here we are!

ringlit 01

My ringlight sitting comfortably between my dining table and shoe rack.

Check out the stand the rightlight is mounted on: its actually a clothes hanger, which I picked up from Home Center. And it cost me more than the lights itself! Upon reco of another photog buddy Arny, I mounted my lights on something with wheels, for better manueverability.

ringlit 02

I’ve tied the rightlight to the mount with a rolled up plastic bag. Im a real girl scout, ain’t I? 😀

Also, see these convenient storage!

ringlit 03

For hiding the black cloth and ‘sipit’:

ringlit 04

And for the war paints:

ringlit 05

(Meager, I know. Cant wait for my Everyday Minerals loot, hopefully coming in a week’s time!)

So… time to see the results!

ringlit 06

hihi landii. 😀

ringlit 07

guest photographer J

ringlit 08
ringlit 09

the obligatory pout

other photos are here.

This has been a nice first round with my ringlight, yeah? Im preparing to shoot my officemate Heba next week, for which Im cooking up some simple concepts. Im also planning to shoot something tomorrow, if the hangover doesn’t kill me as much as it always does.


So, I’m almost done with my digital imaging class. Im really glad to have taken this class. Now, my teacher is offering an intensive one-day advanced class, but now for a fee. Im still thinking if Im gonna take it. Or maybe, since Im a bit familiar on how the program works already, I’ll just do my own exploring. I dunno yet.

My teacher also announced during today’s class the theme for our final project: FILIPINIANA. This is gonna be a contest of sorts for all the students enrolled in this batch. Im already developing some concepts, and I ‘ll try my best to snag a price if I can. Wish me luck! 😀

Anyways, here’s my 2nd and 3rd assignments (which are actually the 3rd and 4th for the class, since i failed to submit the first one hehe).


SAD NEWS UPDATE: My cousin’s funeral is on Monday. My parents are up there to lend a shoulder to the rest of the family who are just so devastated, especially my uncle. I called them earlier today and they told me my mom’s gonna stay there awhile, but my dad will be heading home after the burial coz of work. I pray to God that everyone gets peace, coz, whatever else can you ask for in times like these?


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DATE:           December 3rd, 2008

TO:                Employees of Cheverchevercompany

FROM:          HRM

Subject: Dubai Marathon

Please join us in running for charity @ the Dubai Marathon 2009.

For the unfit ones among us; enter the 3km fun-run

For everyone else, try the 10km road race.

You can walk, run, jog or swim, you do not need to be really fit!

Date: Jan, Friday 16, 2009 (Still plenty of time to get training)

Time:  10Km run starts @ 7:15 am

3km run starts @ 11am

** Followed by lunch @ 12 noon for all runners

What do you get? A very stylish company T-shirt designed by Hussein, plus the joy to know that your money is being donated to charity.

What charity? Seeing is Believing Charity for blindness

How much? 3km fun run = AED 50/-

10km road race = AED 185/ –


Me just watched ‘Run Fatboy, Run’ on DVD! So…

Me running the 10K!

Me will train like Dennis Doyle did!

Me hella excited!

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