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Hello, stranger

i dont know what’s coming over me nowadays, but im finding myself drawn to people that i dont know. more and more striking up a conversation with a taxi driver is becoming effortless to me, to think that before i would not even be caught dead exchanging as much as 3 words max with them (i was a snub-brat that way, which i have dutifully outgrown, thank you very much). as i see my kabayans walking past me in the sidewalks or in the malls, i often find myself wondering how their holding up here in Dubai, or if they have kids and how much their salaries are, or if they’re cheating on their spouses in the philippines with a less-than-charming but with money to spare ‘pana’, or even with another kabayan. i thought i was bored with my own routines, and thinking about these stuff is my way of entertaining myself.

and i thought about it some more, and i’ve realised that the small world that i have created for myself is beginning to be a little too small for me. not that its stifling me and i need to break through, or any sort of existential crap like that. i think i just need little sparkling confettis to.. i dont know.. confettize my small world.

in the present goings on of my life, i dont get to meet a lot of people. im mean, my job spares me from having to deal with egomaniacal journalists and moronic clients, but it also confines me to a certain corner of the office, where the only people i get to interact with are the waterman, the newpaperman, the groceryman and my fidgety arabic editor. major B with an O-R-E.

I’ve never been a likeable person. Let’s just say that when you first meet me, you will not be taken aback by my presence, you wont bother to impress me, and you will not catch yourself wondering where i’ve been all your life. im a simple girl, and i never really had that ‘ooommph’ that turns people’s heads. Im more of a get-to-know girl, and you really have to dig deep, coz i take the meaning of ‘inner beauty’ to a whole new level. And this being the way that i am, my social life now borders from miniscule to almost non-existent.

I can almost relate with the stalker types and the way they take interest in people who are farthest away from their own circle. the mystery of a stranger is actually pretty intoxicating- a fact that i will never dare admit before i had this ‘small world’ realisation – because my ego refuses to let me take so much interest in a person who’s got nothing to do with me. now, older and hopefully wiser, i have come to terms with the fact that meeting other people can be a nice experience too.

thinking about it, most of the new things that i learn come from people whom i just met. lately, my ideas are sparked by useless facts that i need not know about and interesting bits on life, the universe and eveything, which i have gathered from new acquaintances. for example: i learned from my relatively new senior at work that when writing the word ‘which’, it should always be preceeded by a coma (,). very useful, indeed. 😀

i am not depressed. but sometimes, i just feel saddened by the shallowness of of my understanding of things.i want to change this. i have realised that i get easily inspired by passionate people. this is not to say that my current clique is lacking in passion, but i think im just seeking a bit more of ‘new’ passion to infect my dull little life.

so, if you have time, hit me up. we can talk over coffee or a couple of beers, and maybe you can inspire me. i would like to inspire you too, but satisfaction is not guaranteed. 😀

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