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Mommy Geom – Teaser

Congrats, Geom and Marc!
Stay healthy and happy!



eto na muna hehe. post ko iba this week!

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On Coastal Scents, a new scent, soaps, a godchild and energy-saving bulbs

Customs Officer: What’s in the package?
Me: Uhh.. make-up.
Customs Officer: Why, no make-up in Dubai?
Me: (atribida ka, inggit ka lang!) *smiles*


So… my Coastal Scents shipment finally arrived! 🙂  I picked ’em up at Karama Post Office last weekend..

Lookie at the ginormous box, containing 5 palettes, 4 lip glosses and 4 brushes

coastal 01

giant bubble wraps! i absolutely love these things!

coastal 02

to death!

coastal 03


Show and tell!!

CS has a new range of lipglosses called Smacks. I think there are like 21 of them total, but i got only 4, which are the ones that, according to a Youtube guru I subscribe to, are comparable to MAC dazzleglass.

coastal 04

swatches by this weekend!

They came in this bag, along with the two brushes i ordered:

coastal 05
coastal 06

flat top brush – for liquid foundation, and im sure a ton of other stuff

coastal 07

and the most ingenius thing after wet wipes!
bent brush for self-eye lining! works like magic!


before i proceed with the CS palettes, a short announcement:


coastal 08

that’s why, i decided to get her perfume for meself. now, i can smell her all i want 🙂

coastal 09

Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege: smells like.. well.. violet!


I also picked up a coupla stuff from LUSH, after getting inspired when i stumbled upon their website the other day. Literally, i got a couple – meaning TWO – things at the store because, well, its hella expensive!

coastal 10

first, i got a soap called Sultana of Soap.

coastal 11

It’s white, creamy and soft with chunks of raisins and nuts of all sorts. I used it this morning and i think i felt, for the first time in my life, how celebrities must feel taking a bath. not because the soap is really good (but it is good), but because of the knowledge that you’re scrubing away the day’s grit with a AED 30 a bar soap.

coastal 12

Later on towards the end of the day, i smelt the soap on my skin while trying to reach my right elbow with my right hand (what?? I was dared!). pretty darn good, i must say. at that price it better be.

coastal 13

Honey I Washed the Kids: the other soap that I have yet to try.

coastal 14

It smells really, really good, and check out that beeswax atop the thing. hmm.. looks promising.

will tell you kids about it on my next blog.


coastal 15

thats my new inaanak, AM, with his mom and dad.

met him for the first time last Friday. 🙂

kids. i love them when they’re happy. but when they start crying, get them the hell away from me.

please? 🙂


So, what do you know.. all 3 bulbs in our chandelier-chandelier-an got busted within the same week. that’s why.. we got this…

coastal 16
coastal 17

go earth!


Back to regular programming. hehe.

Coastal Scents palettes: pictures only, but will definitely post swatches soon!

coastal 18

Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette: Amazing. Creamy, but with an incredibly opaque matte finish.

coastal 19

6-Colour Contour & Blush Palette:

coastal 20

The famous 88 Colour Eye Shadow Palette

coastal 21

88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

The Stash.

coastal 22

And so now, Im officially broke. Oh well, there’s only a week left till payday!

Oh, before I sign off, here’s something i did while doing this blog:

coastal 23

cropped to death coz i only did one eye. 🙂

coastal 24

close up


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Lippy Lips and other Makeup Things

Ahhh.. Friday = bliss.

Woke up at 12 noon, after movie night (Gran Torino) and my weekly its-thursday-so-its-mandatory-that-i-down-a-few-beers-although-not-necessarily-half-the-effin-case-but-im-not-saying-thats-not-what-happened thing. Had breakfast of leftover pasta from Coco’s last night and tamis-anghang spaghetti courtesy of our flatmates. And then slept some more, then went online to talk to me mum and sibs:
lips 01
and then slept some more.

Then, I remembered. Holy guacamole, i bought something last night!

lips 02

a magic golden box…

lips 03

…wit colourful makeup things!

lips 04

the lowdown:

25 shades eye color
10 shades lip colour
4 shades lipstick
3 lipgloss
1 crimson lip liner
1 black eye liner pencil
1 black mascara
1 black liquid eye liner
3 colours cream eye
4 shades blush
4 colours nail enamel
4 colours body glitter
1 not so good blush brush
4 eye shadow applicators
1 pretty ok blending brush

Time to Testing-testing!!!

so, I was too tamad to wash me face so I just decided to do my lips.

Lippy Lips, Beybeh!!


lips 05

Zebra-inspired: for when you pretend you’ve just eaten one.

lips 06


Rainbow Lips!

I think im gonna do this one for tomorrow when I shoot my pretty officemate Heba. Will tell you about that next time.

For instructions on both exercises, go to You Tube, you lazyasses!

Thats all for this evening, good night and dont let the bed bugs bite (whatever the hell that means. coz really who are these bugs, and what business do they have biting me and how can I not let them bite when Im asleep? So what do you expect me to do, just stand guard all night against the effin bed bugs??

Thats the much too much coke I had tonight talking. (I wish, but thats just Coca Cola, you substance abusers.)

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Midnight Mineral Madness

According to my Youtube make-up coach, this technique is supposed to achieve the ‘Valentine look’ (whatever it is that you’re supposed to look like during Valentine’s — i dont know, coz in my book thats a progression from flirty to horny to drunk to wasted). But anyways, I think me likes the looks of it. 😀

All products used are from Everyday Minerals unless specified otherwise.

The Valentine Look:

mmm 01

In my face:
conceal: Revlon Medium
base: Body Shop Nature’s Minerals

mmm 02

In my eyes (wow parang kanta lang):
brow, outer lid, crease and lower eyeline: Medium Brown
ball and browbone: Floating Feathers
lid: Pick Me Up Pink
tear ducts: L’oreal White Shimmer

In my cheeks:
highlight: Romance Novel
blush: Pick Me Up Pink

In my lips:
L’oreal Tickled Pink

mmm 03

In my heart:

All of you.

Pampam time!!!

mmm 04

mmm 05

mmm 06

Yalla, tulog na!!

Till next!


Everyday Minerals Lovin’!

Finally got my Everyday Minerals package!!!
I tried some, and they’re phenomenal! 😀
(Dana, I know I promised a review, but I realised I dont know how to review make up. Hmm. Will these photos do?) 😀

minerals 01
minerals 02

I got the free sample kit and 5 eyeshadows.


Make-up Time!!

minerals 03

First Time Trial

minerals 04

conceal: Pick Me Up Pink
base: Medium Base Summer

minerals 05

ball and browbone: Floating Feathers
lid: Oasis (my early favourite!)
eyeliner: Smokey
eyebrow: Medium Brow
lashes: Clinique High Impact Mascara

minerals 06

cheekbone: Viki’s Radiant Creation
highlight: Pick Me Up Pink
Lancome Juicy Tubes

So sorry. No complete sentence here. Im tired. Will try again tomorrow.


So, I decided I’ve had enough sadness for now, and its time to try to be a bit merry for a change.


So, amid all the hulabaloo, I forgot to mention that I now have, in my possesion, my very own homemade ringlight!

As I was already planning to get one for myself, I called my good photography buddy Ivy with queries regarding specs and to ask where I can source the materials. As luck would have it, it turned out that spatial constraints has had her looking for a new home for her ringlight, or else she might have to take it apart. We arrived at a very hmm.. reasonable agreement, and here we are!

ringlit 01

My ringlight sitting comfortably between my dining table and shoe rack.

Check out the stand the rightlight is mounted on: its actually a clothes hanger, which I picked up from Home Center. And it cost me more than the lights itself! Upon reco of another photog buddy Arny, I mounted my lights on something with wheels, for better manueverability.

ringlit 02

I’ve tied the rightlight to the mount with a rolled up plastic bag. Im a real girl scout, ain’t I? 😀

Also, see these convenient storage!

ringlit 03

For hiding the black cloth and ‘sipit’:

ringlit 04

And for the war paints:

ringlit 05

(Meager, I know. Cant wait for my Everyday Minerals loot, hopefully coming in a week’s time!)

So… time to see the results!

ringlit 06

hihi landii. 😀

ringlit 07

guest photographer J

ringlit 08
ringlit 09

the obligatory pout

other photos are here.

This has been a nice first round with my ringlight, yeah? Im preparing to shoot my officemate Heba next week, for which Im cooking up some simple concepts. Im also planning to shoot something tomorrow, if the hangover doesn’t kill me as much as it always does.


So, I’m almost done with my digital imaging class. Im really glad to have taken this class. Now, my teacher is offering an intensive one-day advanced class, but now for a fee. Im still thinking if Im gonna take it. Or maybe, since Im a bit familiar on how the program works already, I’ll just do my own exploring. I dunno yet.

My teacher also announced during today’s class the theme for our final project: FILIPINIANA. This is gonna be a contest of sorts for all the students enrolled in this batch. Im already developing some concepts, and I ‘ll try my best to snag a price if I can. Wish me luck! 😀

Anyways, here’s my 2nd and 3rd assignments (which are actually the 3rd and 4th for the class, since i failed to submit the first one hehe).


SAD NEWS UPDATE: My cousin’s funeral is on Monday. My parents are up there to lend a shoulder to the rest of the family who are just so devastated, especially my uncle. I called them earlier today and they told me my mom’s gonna stay there awhile, but my dad will be heading home after the burial coz of work. I pray to God that everyone gets peace, coz, whatever else can you ask for in times like these?


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December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

We were driving back to our hotel in Pagudpud after we went a few towns back to see the majestic wind turbines in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. On board were Jett, Maree, Ves, and Ymo.

Me: Driving

The rest: Laughing at some gross poop story, which I am never short of.

Me: (natigilan. tumitig. nanlake ang mata)

Saw this:

tricycle 01

anong kulang?

Me: (siniko si Jett)

Jett: Ano, baket?

Me: (ngumuso sa harap)

tricycle 02

kita mo na kung anong kulang??

Jett: (nanlake din ang mata)

(walang nagsasalita habang tawa pa rin ng tawa sila Ves, Maree at Ymo sa likod. Shit, maulan pamandin nun)

Me: Hmm… wala bang.. hmm.. driver yung trike?

Ves, Maree, Ymo: (napatingin, nanlake din ang mga mata)

Me: (hindi alam ang gagawin)

Ves: Ate, tara na, tara na!!

Me: (binilisan ang takbo para um-overtake)

Me and Everyone: (takot na takot walang gustong tumingin sa kanan)

Pero hindi rin ako nakatiis…

tricycle 03

Ayaw lang pala mabasa ni manong. 😀

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