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Random Thoughts after so long

I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last night, and inasmuch as it made me laugh (or how bad Barney Stinson had me in stitches), it has also set a flood of sentiment to motion to a level much like as if somebody opened the Panama Canal after the perfect storm went down on the other side. I was suddenly left wanting for the company of people whom I’ve known long enough to understand how I sometimes read their personal text messages, or my compulsion to leave half empty beer bottles in the bathroom sink. After a long swig of my trusty Red Horse, I longingly wished for old friends to have a few with after a long, boring day.



1 etisalat
3 orbit
4 salik

I miss green, cheesy, emo forwarded text messages from my green, cheesy, emo friends.


I’m not one to miss easily. But when I miss something/someone it gets pretty unbearable that while driving I will have to pull over to calm down, else there’d be roadkill, and I won’t be able to answer for the lives/limbs I might take down.

Not many people know that I have a strong sense of smell, and this is one of my senses that is mightily affected when I have that, uhh, longing feeling. I crave for the smell of the something/someone, to the point that I can actually draw and colour it on paper. I can assign it a distinct pattern, which later on I will recognise in the most nondescript places (usually on marble floors of lifts). I dream about them, and I see them floating lazily in my cornea. I might as well be the Jackson Pollock of odour.


So, I have changed my mind about my plans to be a wedding planner. Well, I haven’t actually trashed the idea. It’s still there, lined up in the horribly long que of Things I Have To Do Before I Get A Coronary. (That’s right. I’m certain I will die of a heart attack. My gut just tells me it is so.) And boy, the kids in the line are getting agitated by the minute. And I think a candy bar wont be able to fix things this time.


My sister will be landing in Dubai in 48 hours. I pray to God she gets here safe. I also pray that the person who almost killed my nostrils by carrying fish in the lift this morning stinks of all kinds of mashed up rotten seafood and that no amount of deodorant and perfume will ever make a difference.

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Random Thoughts while counting down the final 10 minutes to liberation

December 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Yay, I’m back random thinking!

Less work (recession in action? hope not!) so more time to Multiply. Successfully PPed two sets from my Pinas Vacay ’08 series today! Actually, came 30 minutes late today, so i hafta wait it out (Oplan Iwas Memo) hehe.

1. So what’s up with me. I’m hella broke, thats what. No salary for this month, coz as you all know, I went on vacay so I advanced my salary for November. So, yeah, Im living on the dried fish (all kinds, i tell ya), which my mom packed for me. I think im growing scales already. Also, J’s alms.

2. I know what I’ll do when I finally get sick of the UAE and decide to go home. Kung ano, sikreto na lang muna. 😀

3. With Christmas just around the corner, Im dreading how I’m still gonna be broke and will not be able to ride the coolest ride ever in Global City. Yung parang tirador na may higanteng laste tas hihigitin to its breaking point tas papakawalan. Gets? Last Christmas hindi kame sumakay dun kasi… ang mahal! AED 60 ang isa! haayyy… Anybody wanna buy tuyo? 😀

4. As I was surfing this morning, I chanced upon articles about this Tricia Borres girl from the Ateneo who lambasted the Aeta community she visited for an immersion, prolly as required by her college. I was miffed, but not at all surprised. Unbelievably dense people do exist, and most of them underservingly enjoy a life of luxury. God help her, but Im feeling sorrier for her parents who have successfully raised a little monster.

5. J’s got me running shoes! Pic of it (and me hard at training) soon! This is no easy feat, I tell ya!

All for now. Gotta go pee.

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September 1, 2008 Leave a comment

… of the month-long six-hour workdays.

My head is spinning with the possibilities.


MoM – Ramadan! (But hey, I told you about that already.)

Writing! (Finally will get some alone time at home – perfect chance to rearrange the stockpile of words in my head, listlessly slipping on top of each other like really soggy penne pasta dumped in a too-small bowl.)

Laundry! (one of the less-enticing options, but brings good vibes nonetheless)


You gotta give it to these Muslim schizznits for inventing this wonderful time!


Random Thoughts while in a state of lethargy

1. Havent blogged in ages. Not that I dont have anything to write (read: rant) about, or that I haven’t tried. There are actually three unfinished blog entries sitting at my drafts folder as of now. All waiting to be confronted with the will power to stay focused and not get distracted by other unimportant stuff (read: work and chatting). Im tempted to say that i dont have the time, but truth be told, Im just being my lazy-ass self. Which I hate, by the way. Inspiration is striking me everywhere I go, but the catch is that if I dont act upon then at the very instant they hit me, I might as well kiss them bye-bye. True, they may not be brilliant ideas (though they seem to be at the moment they are conjured in my head), but the fact that I know I had them, then by the time that I get the chance to work ‘it’ up, its just gone.. like a blob of mud that dropped straight to a puddle in the floor of my head – unidentifiable and, well, lost, is the most frustrating of feelings. Trying to remember a good idea thats forgotten is like trying to recapture a perfect self portrait in an airplane water closet: impossible.

2. I was absent from work yesterday. Didn’t take a shower, totally pigged out on junk, watched a ton of TV, and still was not able to write something intelligible. or write anything, for that matter. arghhh…

3. My vacation plans this September has been postponed to November. Im trying to console myself with the fact that I wont be missing the month-long half-day work hours during Ramadan, and the long weekend after that, but honestly, I feel really bad. When I called my Mama, i can tell with her voice that she’s really disappointed. Oh, well.. at least this way I will get to realise my New Year’s resolution, which is not to resign from work until December.

**The cause of the delay shall remain undisclosed coz im not comfortable talking money matters publicly. Haha. Damn money and all the evil it brings. 😦

4. Im looking forward to the Gang Bang Shoot tomorrow. I’m gonna bring the Sigma wide-angle lens J stole from his office so I can practice my manual shooting skills (because iSuck). Finding the place should be easy, since its close to our place. If i get lost, I can always go back home and pester J into finding it in Wikimapia/Googlemaps (he sooooo love that thing).

5. I dont like this person, so I try my best to just ignore it. However, everywhere I look, it just manages to pop its bloated head up with all its sanctimonious two-cents and narcissistic questions and other irritating what nots that really make me wanna make it sopla and bara and tell it how panget it is. I’m mean, no? since it hasn’t done anything to me. I dont like this feeling, its like giving the person undue interest, through its so not worth it. My God, its depleting my aura. I really need to rejuvenate.

Random Thoughts while waiting for my 2nd driving class this afternoon

  1. Hindi na siguro bababa sa sampu ang marriage proposals na natatanggap ko. Ayus sana, nakakahaba ng hurr.. kung di lang nanggagaling ang malupit na pagsuyo sa nangangalingasaw na mga taxi driver. Mapa Dubai o Sharjah taxi, iba yata talaga ang alindog ko sa mga yun. Hehe.
  2. ayoko sa lahat yung taong binibigyan ng justification yung mali. Yung mali ay mali lang talaga, wala nang pali-paliwanag pa.
  3. naniniwala din ako na minsan, kung ikaw na lang ang naniniwala sa isang bagay at kalaban mo na ang lahat sa mga paniniwala mo, malamang mali ka nga.
  4. napapansin ko lately yung mga sinusulat ko e sa wikang Filipino na. nosebleeder na rin yata kasi ako e. nyehehe.
  5. uuwi ako ng pinas sa September 9. see y’all. 😀
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Random Thoughts while mulling over my current dilemma and working on the side

1. Problemado ako. Im the type of person pa naman na very seldom napapasiksik sa mga tight situations. Im more used to giving advice or simply sticking out for my friends who have the mighty luck of being in some very sticky places very often. So ngayon, ang weird kasi parang alam ko na problema talaga sya, pero nakokornihan ako na maglungkot-lungkutan.Para kong pinapanood ang sarili ko sa TV, while my pissed off self (the audience) exclaims, “bwakananginang acting yan, ampanget!”

2. Ewan ko rin kung baket, pero hindi ako madaling malasing. nakakainis minsan kasi lasing na lahat ako matino pa. parang gusto ko na din magwala, pero hindi pa valid yung reason ko. ako tuloy madalas nagsasara ng tindahan – at nagliligpit ng pinaginuman. pag hindi ko pa kayang kumanta ng favourite kong Aegis songs, ibig sabihin hindi pa ako lasing. e pano yun, minsan gusto ko na talaga agawin yung magic sing at ibelt out ang aking jologs anthem. nakakairita.

3. I went to the Dirham Photo Exchange I last Friday, and i had a fun time. Its good to finally meet the people whom i have been exchanging thoughts with over the cyberspace. This experience has stamped on real faces to the disturbing images. nyeheh. jokes. Im hoping to learn some interesting stuff from them. they seem nice, articulate and artsy, which are very much my kind of people.

4. So yun na nga, problemado ako. tangina naman kasi the situation im in eh. kasalanan to ng isang taong lasing. hindi naman ako galit. bewildered ng konti, offended at disappointed ng marame. haaaaaaayyy.

5. Hindi rin ako ang tipo ng tao na madalas nasasabihan ng maganda, kaya pag sinabihan ako ng maganda ako, nate-taken aback ako at hindi ko alam ang isasagot ko. so sasabihin ko sa unang beses: thank you, sabay ngiti ng virginal smile. pero sa pangalawang beses, yun na, lost na lost na ako. kasi naman alam ko rin kung binobola lang ako nung nagsasabi or kung sincere sya. kung nambobola lang, madaling sagutin yun. pero kung sinsero sya, wala na akong masabi. so nung sinabihan mo ako na maganda ako kaninang umaga, tas inulit mo pa ng apat na beses, at feeling ko hindi mo naman ako binobola, tangina gusto ko biyakin yung ulo ko tas hanapin yung vocabulary ko na pinagyaman ng aking masugid na hilig sa pagbabasa at pagsusulat.

kasi, wala akong nasabi at para akong tanga.


Random Thoughts while procrastinating

1. my tummy hurts. i love cheese and tomatoes on whole wheat bread in the morning but they murder ng stomach walls. and i dont like suppressing my gas. anyways, have you guys heard of this theory that when you dont let you gas escape from your bottom orifice, it has no other recourse but to escape from your upper orifice (meaning: mouth). i actually believed that shit for a while.

2. while waiting for my bus yesterday, an idea hit me. and it will hit you too. soon. 😀

3. i just finished ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. I intended to share with you guys my favorite excerpts, but im too lazy. anyways, i found out just now that their making it into a movie starring viggo mortensen (my favourite) and charlize theron, and its due for release this november. i hope the screenplay stays close to the book. its so beautifully tragic.

4. its just the middle of the month and im broke already. its not that im mismanaging my finances, there’s just a lot of things that have to be settled. entirely not my fault. like my driving class enrolment fees, my new shades (protection against the harmful sun. very important), and a fishing rod (to catch fish for ulam. also very important ).

5. Im proud to announce that as of three weeks ago, i am regularly taking the bus going home. thats dhs.17 savings compared to taking a cab everyday. i try to think of this fact to keep my depression at bay. with my trusty ipod and a good book, two hours just seem to fly by. (of course the fact that taking a cab will reduce my travel time to 30 minutes is a thought that just keeps popping up, but my strong will power is my friend).

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