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An Encounter with the Worst Salesperson Ever

excuse the errors, as I was fuming mad when I sent this out.


—– Original Message —–
From: Rowena Grace
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:28 AM

Good morning.

My name is Grace, and I picked-up a car from your showroom yesterday. Since I started my loan application, I have been talking to Naveen, who I have later found out is a personnel from the finance department (or from another department that is NOT sales). In all the days that I have been dealing with him, I’ve been very cooperative and I did not create any hassles for him nor harrass him in any way. However, after I picked up my car, I am left very dissatisfied with the overall service I received from him. Needless to say, he has ruined for me what otherwise should be an enjoyable experience of buying a car.

Firstly, he kept on promising to me that I can pick up the car at a certain day, and when I call to tell him that I am coming to the showroom, thats the only time he tells me that I cant. The first time, he told me that I can pick up the car last Saturday, then when i called he said he forgot that the insurance people are not working on Saturdays. How long has he been working in the company to not know that very basic thing? Then, he promised that i can pick up the car on Sunday, and when I called, only then that he again told me that I cant pick up the car because of the registration (the money for which I gave him some weeks ago along with the downpayment). He doesnt even have the decency to call me beforehand that I wont be able to pick up the car on both occassions, and instead it is I who have to consistently call him to check.

And for all these, he gave me not even a sliver of an apology.

When I picked up the car yesterday after i signed the cheques (which he also promised are ready and only waiting to be signed by me —  but when I came yesterday, he still had to write the amount on the cheques one by one while I sign them) I was handed the car and was surprised to see that i did not get the remote for keyless entry, which I have told him I wanted. When I confronted him about it, he said that its the specs he got from the sales person — which is a big, big LIE because he was the only one whom I was speaking with in Al Habtoor, and no one else. Obviously he was trying to cover his ass by LYING. Then, he suggested that I have the keyless thing installed when I bring the car for its first check up. The point, which is that HE DID NOT DELIVER what we agreed on, is obviously lost to him.

And for this, even after I demanded an apology, he gave me NONE. All he said was that he is trying to find a solution and he matter-of-factly asked me whatelse can he do. HERE’S WHAT: HE CAN DO HIS JOB RIGHT!

What is the most irritating to me is that he told me that he is not from sales and that there are certain follow-ups in the process that is not even his job. To this I replied by asking why then didnt he pass me on to the right sales person?? Is it because he gets commission for this sale?? I dont even care if he does, just as long as I am serviced right!

I dont know why this person has a problem servicing me. Is it because I am Filipino? And even though I am getting a low-end priced car, I believe, as your customer, that I deserve the best service you can possibly give. And obviously, i got the very opposite of that.

This email is to tell you that you have in your employ the most horrible ‘sales’ person I have ever met in my entire life. When I fist came to your showroom to look for a car, I spoke with this man and while in the middle of the conversation, an Arab guy walks up to us and started berating him for his lousy service. I should have taken a clue from that. Now, I must say that I regret having done business with Al Habtoor Motors because of this person.

I hope you take this email in good faith, and do the appropriate action concerning this matter. Or else, you might lose some good customers because of the faulty attitude of this man and his awful, awful way of conducting business.

Thank you.


To: Rowena Grace

Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 at 12:31 PM
Subject: Customer Comlaint


Good Afternoon !

I apologize for the delay for the delivery & misbehavior from my side & assure you to provide with a better services.



From: Rowena Grace

Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 at 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: Customer Comlaint

This apology would have been more relevant and appreciated YESTERDAY. However, I accept it with hopes that you improve your business manners, for your own and your company’s sake.

Also, I want to let you know that prior to this incident, I have referred you to a colleague of mine who is also looking for a car. She told me that you called her today to follow-up. As dictated by my conscience and better judgement, I have shared with her my experience with you. In her own accord, she made a decision not to do business with you, if ever she chooses to purchase from Al Habtoor (which she is also now reconsidering).

I hope you have learned a lesson from what has transpired. Good luck.



—– Original Message —–
From: Ashraf Kamel
To: Rowena Grace
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 9:28 AM

Dear Ms. Grace,

Good Morning!

First of all, thank you for letting us know about this matter and we would like to apologize about what had happened. I already had a meeting with Naveen regarding this and he was sorry for the miscommunication between the two of you. I already spoke to him so that next time he promised that it will not happen again to any other customer. Our staff here in Al Habtoor Motors are always ready to give a high service to our valued customers to make them satisfied and happy and when things like this happens I, being the manager ensure to make the necessary actions for our staff. We, in Al Habtoor Motors treat our customers fairly and we give our respect to each and every nationality. We are looking forward in dealing with you again in the future.

We’ll make sure to meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashraf Kamel
Branch Sales Manager
Dubai-Head office
Al Habtoor Motors Co. (L.L.C.)
Tel: +9714 2691110
Fax: +9714 2692545

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On the whole Chip Tsao fiasco:

Nakakabanas na ang pagka-OA, pagka-narrow-minded, pagka-sensitive at pagka-tanga ng ibang Pinoy.

There is no need to discuss the literal words used in the thing because it’s satire, ergo a statement blown out of proportions to be humorous so please stop na that ‘what’s wrong with being a nation of servants’ thing because its dumb. The title of the guy’s column explains it all: Politically Incorrect. Its too painful to point that glaring bottomline out, but there, I did it. And if you don’t agree the article’s satire, don’t even bother stating your opinion coz you’re so stupid you wont even recognise satire if it bitchslaps you in your fucking gonads. If so, there’s only one thing left for you to do: go home and plant kamote!

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I wasn’t actually planning on posting a blog tonight. I guess, in my own narcissism, I was secretly impressing upon myself that if I dont blog too often, my insights will have a bigger impact. This very thought, and typing them up thus making them tangible, makes me so sick. Why does eveything I think of has to be about me? I honestly think, and I’m only divulging this incriminating fact because Im very heartbroken right now, that I should be realising more that this is a big world that I am in and there are people — people who are coming and going and there are things that are happening and unhappening. There are books, and there are roads and there are cars and there are words and there is the earth and the sky and the table lamp in my bedside and there are my family and my friends. And then there is myself. But we are all in the same world, occupying space, existing.

Yesterday, my cousin died in a motorcycle accident. I dont need condolences, we were not close. I dont even know the boy. Im not really feeling the loss that comes with these things – I guess that makes me a very unimportant person in his life and him to mine. What Im honestly feeling is that this boy, who was barely out of his teens, could have been someone great. I know, I know that’s a horrible thing to say at this time. You might say to me — well, you dont know that, i bet his father, his mother, his brother thought he was the greatest windshield repairman in the world. I actually wanna kill myself for even writing this about him — but this is all i can think of since i heard of this tragedy. He could have been great.

I wish I knew him more to be able to not think and just weep in pure agony. Yes, Im crying now, but fuck if I knew if these are tears of grief or of necessity. Nobody can see me now, but not crying seems so wrong. They say people are rewarded for their honesty. There’s honesty for you. I hope I do not feel this obligation to be honest.

Or, this could be how Im coping. This could be one of those times that I see myself as an actor on some movie. I am anticipating every emotion, deconstructing every scene, until everything becomes explainable and digestible for me.

I am overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. Somebody dies and I make it my personal issue. It makes me all the more sick that I cant see him in his coffin and tell to his face to fucking wake up so I wont have to deal with this kind of shit that I cook up. I am despicable beyond comprehension, but I sit and stand and act and smile like the healthiest person in the world.

Jayjay, I think you were pretty healthy when you were alive, and for that I envy you. Rest now. I’ll try and check up on your folks once in a while. I regret not being able to know you enough that I even have to write this horrible blog on this godforsaken night.

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Random Thoughts on retardism

December 30, 2008 Leave a comment

1. Buong christmas season wala akong ginawa kundi matulog at kumaen. At tumakbo pag gabi. At manood ng TV. Sa panonood ko, napadaan ako sa channel 97 (Kung Orbit ka, GMA 7 yun). Pansin ko lang yung station ID nila for Christmas.. pati na rin yung mga fillers ng kung sino-sinong artista.. I dunno if its just me, pero ang parang lumalabas na mensahe e lahat ng batang pinoy ay retarded o autistic. Nung una ko yung napanood, kasama ko si J – nagkatinginan kame bigla, like we where thinking the same thoughts:

Message: Batang Pinoy = Retarded/Autistic

Hindi naman totoo yun diba? I dunno about you guys, pero kame na walong anak sa pamilya, nagsimula lang magmanifest ang pagkaautistic namen when we hit 17.


2. I confirmed that the world has gone bonkers when I saw a certain local artista na itatago natin sa pangalang Rarian Mivera na nagtatatalak at nagiiyak sa TV dahil nang tanungin ang isa pang certain local-but-with-considerably-more-talent artista tungkol sa umano’y pagbubuntis ni RM e sumagot ito ng….



(actually, ngumiti sya. and that was the fucking problem)

when i first heard this (from Ana my chikadora officemate), I was like, ‘WTF?!?’ Then, when I got home and heard about it again on 24 Oras, I was like, ‘crazy fucking bitch’ sabay banat ng condescending na ngiti. Retarded din ba sya? Related ba sila ni Hayden Kho (sino daw?) Haha!

3. I know si Kris Aquino retarded talaga, mayaman lang. Kaya yung ginawa nyang ‘pambabastos’ sa alaala ni Marky Cielo, patawarin na natin. Retarded nga e.

4. Baket may mga tao (o lahi) na pakiramdam nila nakakahigit sila sa ibang tao (o lahi) na meron silang karapatan sa lahat ng bagay na binigay ni God (or ni Allah, or ni Buddha, or ni Oprah) at pag hindi nila to nakuha e tama lang na magpaulan sila ng rockets sa Gaza at pumatay ng mga 4-year old girls?

Baket may mga tao (o grupo ng tao) na pilit iniimpose ang mga paniniwala nila sa ibang tao, na umaabot na sa puntong pagbabanta na pagpapapatayin nila ang mga schoolgirls na makikita nilang umaattend ng klase, just because they believe that women are not worthy of formal education?

Sagot: kasi retarded sila. Their intellect had been stuck in the the era of the fucking dinosaurs, thereby retarding their ability to cope with the new century norms where everyone, even those with mental disabilities, has equal rights. They are retarded in ways that can they can never comprehend for as long as they are trapped within their morally and socially-backward ways.

O, diba, sumerious??

5. On a slightly different note, I patched things up with an old friend. I am happy. A new year is coming, work is good, family is healthy, J is still patient with me, I am improving my photography and most importantly I remain sane inspite of all the retarded people/things/situations/boss around me.

I love my life, and I love all my friends, even the retarded ones. 😀

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December 16, 2008 Leave a comment

We all know how its powerful and other romantic szhizz like that, and sometimes the whole idea just seems overrated, in the same manner that silence sometimes gets. I get the feeling that im being drowned in the blah-blah-blahs of my work, my boss and colleagues, acquiantances, and even of those whom I have chanced upon in my long busrides going home. Lately, the constant stream of phonetic dissonance becomes too unbearable for me that I turn the volume of my iPod to eardrum-shattering levels, like fighting fire with fire.

What I dont get, actually, are people saying a lot of unnecessary things. These are the kinds who really, for the life of them, cannot shut up. Like my boss for example. You know how the moment before we speak, we take a moment to gather our thoughts so as not to talk rubbish and make a complete fool of ourselves. This moment is normally spent in silence to give way for better concentration and… well… really gather our thoughts and not make a complete fool of ourselves. But my boss who never shuts up is like a bird on crack who never quits chirping random connective adjectives and articles (which I found out once I actually willed myself to listen to his babbling does not mean shit) before actually saying that thought he gathered so as not to make a fool of himself, which actually defeated the purpose coz all his string of collective adjectives and articles have already made him so. More than him looking so lame, im pissed coz he so fucking irritates me.

I understand people who strike up a conversation with other people in the most commomplace spaces. Public transport, for example. I also get how you can share where you’re from in the Philippines, where you’re actually born, where your lineage started, how your mom is a distant relative of your dad, and how your other cousins are marrying your other distant cousins. Coz those are mildly interesting, if not a bit grotesque topics, and I get that. What I dont get is the oversharing of livid details of how you take the bus from point A to point B, sitting on your ass for 2 hours, how your salary is never enough, how you miss tuyo (which is like duh coz there is tuyo in De Belchoir, hello), how you hate the bus and the pana’s and the patan’s. Sitting on my ass for two hours in a smelly bus, the last thing i need, really, is a rundown of how my own life is (minus the tuyo bit). Fucking boring.

So last night, I took a cab. A cab, after so long! I never thought I’ll actually miss riding these deathboxes! It was only when I looked at the meter that I realised why I dont take the taxi anymore. Anyways, last night, I hopped in with the sweetest driver I have ever met in Dubai. Love was practically oozing out of his hairy ears. He sung to his wife on the phone, and told us how he loves his wife and how he adores her deep, dark eyes. Now, these are the kind of words that I love to hear without the person saying it knowing that I can hear him say it. What? Im a girl! and I dig that sort of sweet crazy shit.

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And Now Its Time

I dunno if I was just waiting for the right ‘click’ that’ll get the bolts in my head grinding to actually write something that will make me feel irreversibly bad for all the times I thought I will be able to ‘right’ anything during the month-long break when I honestly thought I will have the inspiration and the time to write. Now, as I feel the need to heed to nature’s call, I dare not rise and brave the 20 or so steps that separate me from the haven of excretory functions, for fear that I might lose the force that is driving me to type these words. Anticlimactically so, I begin to realise that I was simply too excited to tell my chivalrous tales of taking photographs and getting high that I wasn’t really able to do anything about it, other than to be mighty excited at the prospect. Now that I’m back at work, where I do most of my ‘writing’ (which majorly hinders my professional output), I am simply presented with the perfect opportunity to type away whatever the fuck my brain can think of.

As I cry in utmost derision of the things and notions that be, and the sorry fact that I’m back in this place, I realised one odd fact, which is that I am crying not because I miss my family or because I wont be too busy slacking anymore, but because I feel like a fucking grown up when all I wanna be is to completely be just a kid.

And like a befallen angel of luck has touched me in my naughty parts, I so don’t have any work right now. So yeah, I’m basically just slacking, very much like what I was doing the past month, but with a boss who’s watching me with a look of utter hatred coz he doesn’t have anything to slave drive me with. Ah, bliss.

And now its time.

To tell my stories.

And those of others, who are alive, and those of the ones who are breathing only in my imagination.

Let it begin.

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My October..

.. had been eventful, to say the very least.

I have too many stories to tell, but too little time to indulge.

Excuse the fucking cliche (or excuse for being a lazy ass).

I’ve embarked in two separate travels, each to a different place of foreign traditions, majestic sights and great company to boot.

I’ve tried something, which has now become a source of glee, frustration, bargaining troubles and deathly compromises.

I’ve seen the worst side of a person, who I have loved and now despise.

I’ve left new places and lost old friends.

I’ve read the most number of books in a month since I got to this place, and realised something that could change a lot of things in my little life.

Today, I’ve reached a milestone in my relationship.

And finally, I am going home.

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