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retail therapy

“the mall is a very dangerous place”, jay once told me. when  heard it, i just laughed it off, coz, you know, he’s a guy, and guys never really dig the pure, unadulterated bliss we women get from shopping. i dont know any girl who doesnt like shopping, and if one claims to be one, she’s either too sanctimonious to admit that nice, pretty, useless things make her happy, or she’s a zen monk who lives a simple life in the mountains of Tibet, which also makes her a man, and thus proving my point that all girls like to shop.

so much is our love for shopping that we even coined a pseudo-medical term for it: retail therapy. and therapeutic it is. but shopping, as we know, is not just a girl thing. guys also like shopping, but they cant spend the whole day prowling the mall, the impatient creatures that they are. might have something to do with they way they always prefer the faster, fuss-free way of things, poor bladder control or ADHD.

shopping requires a lot of patience, sensibility, technique, eye for detail, and for girls like me with limited resources, a lot of math, which i am never good at. but i have all the rest, so i guess im not that bad.

the other main thing about shopping is you cant really do it without money. unless youre one of the gucci gang, who just makes palista. which is really cheap, which i am also not. sometimes. 😀

some say the uncontrollable urge to buy things is a sickness. it is, actually. i mean, if youre so addicted to it that you blow your entire salary on a pair of designer whatever without regard to how youre actually gonna pay your other obligations, i gotta say you need some serious help. but occasional splurging is acceptable, and sometimes necessary. because amidst the everyday dullness of existence and your firm resolve to hold up and let the whole business of life roll off your back and still be a fully-functioning member of society who dutifully though begrudingly pays his/her taxes, i think we all deserve a nice little treat once in a while.

that is why, last night, i bought the following:

1. yellow sundress to wear to the beach

2. cool faux-ceramic pendant in a long gold plated chain

3. board shorts and tank tops

and i do not feel guilty at all. 😀

there were times, when i was still a newbie here in Dubai, that i am compelled to bring a calculator when i go to the supermarket, coz i was still unemployed then and obviously money is a concern. i hated it. firstly because i am so used to just throwing stuff in the cart when i go grocery shopping with my mom. secondly, i forget to punch in the stuff i grab, and then remember that i am computing after i have already added something like 5 items already and i have to do the whole thing over again. its embarassing and depressing. however, this taught me one very important thing: responsible money management. its a bummer, but it stops me from going bankrupt. definitely the lesser evil.

on that note, i wanna share this excerpt from A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami:

“I peeled another ten-thousand-yen note from the wad of bills in my pocket. The wad showed no sign of going down no matter how many bills I used. Only I showed signs of wear. There’s that kind of money in the world. It aggravates you to have it, makes you miserable to spend it, and you hate yourself when it’s gone. And when you hate yourself, you feel like spending money. Except there’s no money left.
And no hope.”

happy responsible shopping! 😀

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