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24 sure got me

i had a dream. bio warfare caught the world like a new fad, and all sorts of viruses plague the country like people do a mall opening.

and like gael in that episode where the crystalized virus was directly blown to his face, i got the virus too. somehow, it wasnt airborne, but is contagious upon contact. and i knew i was gonna die later that day.

i had a day to say goodbye. but that wasnt what i was thinking then. i cannot accept the fact that i was dying. i spent half of my remaining hours crying. asking why. convincing myself that this is just a dream.

i seek my family. i was looking for j. not to say goodbye, but to plead for help. and i almost forgot i was contagious. i saw him but he didnt want to be near me. as i was trying to grab him by his arm, his eyes were screaming with alarm, and tried desperately to get way without even the the slightest pretense of concern. of course he didnt want to get infected. of course i didnt want to infect him and my family. so i decided to stay where i was. and wait for the inevitable.

i woke up before i died, but the feeling of betrayal failed to elude me. i was alone, and it was all too real.

i should quit watching too much TV.

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